Louis is a sofa with a traditional flavor, but with lines reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Noble materials and special craftsmanship qualify this model in the best tradition of Made in Italy.

Modularity of the Louis sectional sofa

Louis can be a two-seater, two-and-a-half or three-seater sofa, or have the same side modules to which the island can be added. Its solid structure, because it is made with the supporting parts of durable solid fir and plywood, can be upholstered in fabric, faux leather or leather after the upholstery stage. The base is made of mocha painted iron.

Proportions and details assessed with care for Louis, in keeping with the Dall'Agnese spirit that owes so much to the made-in-Italy craftsmanship tradition.

Will your Louis sofa be in classic leather or the more modern faux leather? Or in the fully removable fabric version? Discover the finishes.
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