The Hull stool is the perfect partner for long dinners with guests, thanks to its contoured backrest that offers excellent support for the lumbar region. Attention to detail is also reflected in the versatility of the design: the backrest upholstery can be customised with different finishes, creating a harmonious mix between fabric and eco-leather, between two different fabrics or with a woven eco-leather back and fabric/eco-leather front.
Hull stools | Dallagnese

Fluid and sinuous seat shape

The distinctive heart of this stool is the curved seat back, a design element that not only catches the eye but completely transforms the sitting experience. The ergonomic curve follows the natural shape of the back, offering an ultimate support and unparalleled comfort.
Hull stool | Dallagnese
Hull stool | Dallagnese

The generous padding of the seat offers enveloping comfort, while the possibility of customising the upholstery allows the stool to fit any style.

Browse now the various finishes available for the Hull stool. You can customise the backrest both in terms of material and finish, providing a unique and distinctive touch to your furniture.
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