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Easy is the custom-made, functional, practical and frameless walk-in closet. Based on a rack system without backrests, you can equip it as desired with various accessories. It is ideal suited for a young taste, always on the move: you can change its appearance whenever you want, in a snap.
Easy walk-in closet with rack without backs | Dallagnese

Backless walk-in closet

The Easy backless walk-in closet acquires even more character when placed in an alcove or the wall behind it is customised with a colour or wallpaper. Choose to match or contrast with the finishes of the various elements.
Easy walk-in closet with rack without backs | Dallagnese

With a simple touch of colour on the wall or with the wallpaper you prefer, create a new walk-in closet. Voila!

Accessories for the walk-in closet

The rack walk-in closet is equipped with many accessories: clothes tubes, shelves, servants, drawers, rasters and shoe racks, tie racks, trouser racks, pull-out trays, lighting kits, wooden hangers and fabric-covered boxes.
Easy walk-in closet equipment | Dallagnese
Imagine your Easy walk-in closet: the finishes, the accessories, the structure. Find out now how to dress it for a custom-made furniture.
  • Structure
  • Island
  • Wooden accessories
  • Metal accessories

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