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The Bamboo aluminium-framed walk-in closet represents an extraordinary balance between simplicity and customisation. With its sober design and highly adaptable structure, it is the ideal choice for those looking for a functional space that is both elegant and functional, a place where order and style come together in harmony.
Bamboo walk-in closet | Dallagnese

Infinite customisation

One of Bamboo's greatest strengths is its ability to adapt to personal needs. The structure is designed to be equipped in complete freedom, allowing you to create endless compositions that reflect any taste and lifestyle. Shelves, hangers, drawers and more can be arranged to meet any personal preferences.
Bamboo walk-in closet with wall-mounted aluminum frame | Dallagnese
Bamboo walk-in closet equipment | Dallagnese

The aluminium frames, precisely fixed on the wall or ceiling, give the structure a light feel and maximise the available space.

Refined simplicity

Simplicity is at the heart of Bamboo walk-in closet design. With clean lines and a delicate style, it embodies the essence of elegance without excess. Its sober design blends perfectly into a wide range of environments, creating an oasis of order and sophistication.
Aluminum frame and wooden shelves | Bamboo walk-in closet | Dallagnese
Explore all the different finishes available for the Bamboo walk-in closet elements and visualize it in your home!
  • Structure
  • Wooden accessories
  • Metal accessories

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