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Glass all

The Glass All walk-in closet is the authentic centrepiece of the night area, distinguished by unparalleled elegance, lightness and infinite brightness. This walk-in closet represents the perfect combination of glass refinement and functionality, creating a system that is able to transform the space into central layouts or fit perfectly into the surrounding walls.
Glass All walk-in closet | Dallagnese

Infinite brightness

Brightness is the signature of Glass All. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, natural light can flow freely through the space, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. This walk-in closet is ideal for those seeking to maximise the use of natural light in their night area.
Glass All walk-in closet | Dallagnese
Glass All walk-in closet | Dallagnese

The glass door allows you to choose a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic or customise it with a fabric effect glass, adding a unique touch to your environment.

Discover all the finishes available for the Glass All walk-in closet, from the titanium or black metal of the frame to the transparent or fabric-effect glass.
  • Structure
  • Back panels
  • Door
  • Wooden accessories

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