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Speed Up

A double-sided shoulder-mounted day system for use in the center of the room or to be fixed to the wall, suspended, floor-standing or corner, Speed Up offers maximum design freedom. Customizable in finish, size, modules, even shape, it loves "tailor-made" in double-height spaces, attics, under-floor spaces: there it is at its best.

Speed Up and its many modules

In this composition, suitable for a living room, study or relaxation area, the floor-supported structure houses several combined modules: display cabinets, leather-effect drawers, the specially designed backrest for the TV, the sliding ladder system, which is practical for reaching even the highest points, a storage unit with a drop-down opening, and a protruding shelf that interrupts the depth measurement chosen. In fact, the Speed Up system has 3 different depths and 11 heights. It offers you creative solutions for every need and possibilities to play with protruding, in-line or recessed modules with different thicknesses.
Speed Up day system | Dallagnese
Speed Up day system with showcase | Dallagnese
Speed Up drawers | Dallagnese

Want to customize even more? Use in conjunction with Speed Up also the storage elements of the Slim Up day system.

Modern living system and classic environment

The Speed Up program also finds its perfect fit in places steeped in history Its rational, modern style becomes more refined and refined with careful selection of the modules to be used, such as the display cabinets with gray clear glass doors and brown metal frame with side grip. Finishes, such as the partial antiqued brass groove of the protruding cabinets with hinged doors, also contribute to the elegance.
Speed Up day system with showcase | Dallagnese
Speed Up | Dallagnese
Speed Up showcase | Dallagnese
Speed Up day system | Dallagnese

Custom-made day system by finish and size

As this airy composition demonstrates, the Speed Up living area is perfect for filling with books and furniture items with elegantly matched textures, finishes, sizes and modules. A technical plus is the ghost system for drilling holes in backs, shelves, drawers and doors. Dallagnese, in fact, in honor of its tradition of craftsmanship, does not provide standard perforations but rather exactly where you need them. Made on the basis of your order, only where they are intended, they leave no unsightly unused holes in sight.
Speed Up day system | Dallagnese
Speed Up handle | Dallagnese
Speed Up day system with open compartment unit | Dallagnese
Imagine in freedom your Speed Up backpack day system: it's a perfect tailor-made solution in size and also in available materials and finishes. Discover them all now.
  • Structure and front panels
  • Wooden shelves
  • Glass shelves
  • Back panels
  • Glass door frame
  • Glasses

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