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Slim Up

Slim Up is a versatile wall-mounted day system, based on many different storage units to easily customize your living room, study, home office nook, entry hall or to take advantage of a transitional space according to your needs.

Day system: linear design

Among the many modules available, this configuration of the Slim Up wall-mounted modular system plays on simple and refined linear height development. The wall-hung base units in taupe matt lacquer have a groove handle to open their practical baskets and are embraced by brown metal sides and tops, backlit with LEDs. The same material and lighting are also used for the shelves between which the wood open wall units with black metal grid fit.
Slim Up day system | Dallagnese
Slim Up shelves | Dallagnese
Slim Up suspended base unit | Dallagnese

Customization with complete freedom: combine Slim Up with the possibilities opened up by the Speed Up shoulder day system.

Living room modular system

Slim Up can define a living room even in just a few elements. In the composition, two capacious wall-hung base units with a groove opening and soft-closing mechanism, two brown metal shelves backlit by LEDs, and a display case formed by three side-by-side wall units to elegantly display the objects that fill you with pride or those you want to carefully store. The modular system of this living room enhances the materials, in a mix of metal, glass, wood, and polished Calacatta gold stoneware for the top of the base units.
Slim Up day system with suspended base and showcase | Dallagnese
Slim Up | Dallagnese
Slim Up shelves | Dallagnese
Slim Up day system with fitted backrests | Dallagnese

Day system with equipable backrests

Slim Up has back modules that can be equipped, with the possibility of hanging shelves and open or closed wall units. In this composition, we present you wall units with hinged and flap doors, combined with floor-standing base units, with baskets from the partial groove opening, a countertop that houses the TV screen and two hanging display cabinets. The wall unit on the aston gray matt lacquered equipable back has a vertical XL handle in brown metal, which plays contrast to the neighboring materials, ash oak and the back panel with a titanium metallic lacquered effect.
Slim Up day system with fitted backrests | Dallagnese
Slim Up handle | Dallagnese
Slim Up day system with fitted backrests | Dallagnese

Day system with bookcase elements

The distinctive stackable bookcase elements feature a gridded module in different finishes, here in antique brass or brown, particularly popular in Slim Up home office spaces In the composition, the suspended base unit in dark grey matt lacquer features baskets with slow-closing full-groove handles You can request the structure, as well as in glossy and matt lacquers, also in veneer and in special cement or metallic effect finishes. The top is in noir desir stoneware and is available in all Dallagnese options of stoneware, wood and metal.
Slim Up day system with bookcase | Dallagnese
Slim Up | Dallagnese
Slim Up | Dallagnese
Imagine your Slim Up architectural day system solution and discover all the materials and finishes available for the various elements.
  • Structure and front panels
  • Top
  • Boiserie and accessorized back panels
  • Glass door frame
  • Glasses

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