Wardrobe with sliding or coplanar door


A closet with sliding or coplanar doors of your choice. You can also customize the style, either essential or with contrasting horizontal and vertical inserts. The integrated handle is another element to be characterized with your preferred finish.

Classic or modern smooth door

The closet with Geo coplanar or sliding door and two small integrated Dama handles can become classic or modern depending on the finishes and inserts inserted. It has standard interior equipment with one shelf and two hanging tubes, which can be customized as desired with many accessories.

Customize Geo door inserts: essences, matte, glossy or special lacquers with cement and metallic effects, stoneware, lacquered glass or mirror.

Smooth door with integrated handle

Essential lines for the Geo closet with sliding or coplanar doors. In the pictures it is made of white matt lacquer with integrated handle. The latter, for the side doors, is the Dama model in matching color, for the central one is the Epsilon model in brown metal.

Door with horizontal inserts

The Geo coplanar or sliding door with insert defines a closet that is linear, but with character. In the images, the horizontal panel is in polished Calacatta Oro stoneware with integrated Dama handle in white matt lacquer, like the rest of the door.

Door with horizontal and vertical inserts

The closet with sliding or coplanar doors with Geo cross inserts is the richest version. In the images, we propose a bedroom area with a refined and international taste that combines Aston gray matt lacquer and noir desir stoneware.
For your closet with sliding or coplanar Geo doors choose from wood essences, matte, glossy and special lacquers. For inserts also stoneware, lacquered glass or mirror.
  • Door
  • Inside
  • Insert
  • Metal accessories
  • Wooden accessories

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