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Wardrobe with sliding door


The Nodo sliding wardrobe is the symbol of simplicity and elegance. The sliding doors allow you to take full advantage of every available centimetre, ideal for smaller rooms or environments where optimising space is essential. The handles, elegantly recessed into the doors, help preserve the purity of the design lines.

Sliding door with integrated handle

The side handle, integrated in the Nodo door, makes sliding opening easier. It is a simple external profile, available in various metal finishes, including antique brass or matt lacquer colours. In the pictures, wardrobe with sliding door in tortora matt lacquered, internal in lino melamine textured finish and handle in titanium metal.
Sliding door handle Nodo wardrobe | Dallagnese
Nodo wardrobe with sliding door and with hinged door | Dallagnese

The side handle profile facilitates the sliding opening of the door and can be customised in a variety of finishes.

What will your Nodo sliding door wardrobe look like? Textured finishes, woods, matt, glossy or special lacquers: an infinity range of possibilities to dress the doors.
  • Door
  • Inside
  • Wooden accessories

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