Wardrobe with sliding door


For your Strip sliding door closet you can choose to play with smooth inserts or decorative inserts, always of the same thickness. For the former you have wood essences, all lacquers, including special ones, lacquered glass and mirrors. For the latter there are all wood essences.

Strip sliding door: finishes

You can customize the Strip sliding door closet in a wide range of finishes: woods, matt, gloss and special lacquers. The inserts can be smooth or create a pattern in worked veneer and are always combined with the brown metal Epsilon handle, recessed laterally on the door thickness. In the pictures, silk gray matt lacquered door, dark sand glass inserts and brown metal handle.

Strip, like Dall'Agnese's other wardrobes, also comes with a package of interior accessories that can be customized as desired.

Strip door: smooth inserts and decoration

The inserts that make up the Strip door create a graphic play made even more interesting by the combination of different finishes, such as lacquer and canneté In the images, the purity of the ice gray contrasts with the warmth of the vertical inserts in Canaletto walnut-tinted canneté.
What character will smooth or decorative inserts give to your Strip sliding door cabinet? Discover the finishes of all customizable parts.
  • Anta
  • Inside
  • Smooth insert
  • Canneté decoration insert
  • Metal accessories
  • Wooden accessories

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