Gulp Lounge

A classic lounge armchair in its enveloping form with upholstery available in Dall'Agnese's rich range of fabrics, leathers and eco-leathers. The base is made of wood, turned with care and attention to detail to add solidity to the comfort.

Upholstered armchair in fabric, leather or eco-leather

Gulp Lounge offers relaxed and comfortable seating, perfect in the bedroom or wardrobe, as well as in small spaces thanks to its size. It is a piece of furniture with a classic-contemporary style that will always remain contemporary.

The base of the comfortable Gulp Lounge armchair is made of wood and can be ordered in one of the Dall'Agnese range of wood finishes.

Discover all the finishes available for the Gulp Lounge armchair. How will yours be? In fabric, leather or eco-leather?
  • Cover
  • Base

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