Coffee table


Matteo Zorzenoni has designed a set of small tables with an original shape, characterized by irregular tops and soft shapes. You can use them individually or join them together to create an ever-changing atoll.

Lacquered or stoneware top

Atollo coffee tables have tops resembling irregular ovals. They are made of stoneware or in matt, glossy, concrete-effect or metal lacquer, in a wide color chart, which also includes special micalized proposals, that is, with tiny shiny dots.

Atollo are small tables to be used now alone, now to be brought closer together to form an ever-changing, ever-moving "atoll."

Metal base

Each version of the Atollo coffee table rests on a cylindrical metal base or a double base, depending on the size of the top.
See what finishes are available for Atollo coffee tables and choose which ones to include in your personal atoll.
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  • Base

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