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Gulp is a comfortable chair that takes its space. In the armchair version even more so. The finely crafted wooden base is well placed on the ground. The seat is sloped, to be upholstered in fabric, leather or faux leather.
Gulp chair and armchair | Dallagnese

Gulp Armchair

The elegant and classic armchair version emphasizes the comfort of the chair model. The wraparound back continues into the sides in two high armrests that welcome with confidence and an essential, soft and light line.
Gulp armchair | Dallagnese
Gulp armchair | Dallagnese
Gulp armchair and Settanta writing desk | Dallagnese

The Gulp chair and armchair feature a cozy upholstered seat.

Gulp Chair

The Gulp upholstered chair is perfect if you have smaller spaces than you need for the armchair and if you don't want to give up comfort.
Gulp chair | Dallagnese
Fabric detail for Gulp chair | Dallagnese
Remember that for both Gulp chair and armchair you can customize the back with a different material or finish from those used on the front. Find out about all the finishes now.
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Gulp, chair and armchair

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