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A console with an important metal frame: on its own it furnishes a space, elegant and slender. Eiffel has an oval top in wood, stoneware or lacquered glass.
Eiffel Console | Dallagnese

Console with original base

The Eiffel console has a base formed by metal blades that converge in the center to support an oval top, which is available in wood with a 30-degree sloping perimeter edge, lacquered glass or stoneware.
Eiffel console with stoneware top and metal base | Dallagnese

First and foremost, the Eiffel console is its base, sleek and metallic, rigorous yet refined.

Furnish by coordinated contrasts

The Eiffel console gives the room in which it is placed a strong yet welcoming impact. It stands out without overpowering, as can be seen in its combination with the Selene mirror, which features a refined geometric pattern for effect.
Eiffel console and Selene mirror | Dallagnese
Look at the material finishes available for the Eiffel console and choose the ones best suited to decorate your space.
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