A table that is its own base. Eiffel dominates the scene, sleek and elegant. It has a stoneware or lacquered glass top, with a fixed round or oval shape, the latter also in an extendable version.

Cross table base

Eiffel is a table with crossed legs composed of thin metal blades arranged to facilitate the movements of the sitter. This practicality is maintained even in the case of the version with an extendable oval top because the two extensions are inserted at opposite ends. The metal blades lend dynamism and value to an often less visible part as is the base.

Above all, the Eiffel table is its base, sleek and metallic, rigorous yet refined.

Refined extensions

Eiffel's extensions are a testament to Dallagnese's attention to valuable details. They are bilia extensions, meaning the vein of stoneware continues precisely on them as well, without aesthetic interruption. They operate through a mechanism inserted under the table top, made of metal with a black finish.

Eiffel round version

The Eiffel round table with fixed top is perfect for smaller rooms and has a feature all its own. The metal base is formed not only by the characteristic metal blades, but encloses and supports them from below with a circle that echoes the shape of the top and makes the whole more harmonious. To match, there is also the optional swivel pass-through top, made of wood with a sloping perimeter edge.

Coordinating styles

Eiffel is striking for the angular lines of its base combined with the rounded lines of its top. This allows one to follow one's own taste: more warmth in the soft forms of the Supernova chair or more rigor with the Katana sideboard, which, however, allows a glimpse of a cozy Hull armchair in the background.
How do you envision your Eiffel table? Start by discovering the finishes available for the top and base.
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