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The Supernova oval console is essential and linear in its painted metal rod support, yet soft. And the top ranges between wood, wood essence or lacquer finishes, including special ones, or even stoneware.
Supernova Console | Dallagnese

Metal rod console

The Supernova single-top console features a black metal rod frame and the gentle shape of the oval top, both characteristics of the entire Supernova family, designed by Signorotto+Partners. The top can be made of wood or stoneware, coupled with a wood panel, lacquered matt black.
Supernova console with metal rod base | Dallagnese

Softness combined with a certain rigor: this is the Supernova style, exemplified by the linear outer supports made of black painted rod with a prominent rounded head.

Console and mirror combinations

This Supernova entry console is paired here in continuity of form and materials with the Juno mirror and Supernova side tables, which are glimpsed in the entry to the living room.
Supernova console and Juno mirror | Dallagnese
What will your Supernova console look like? Metal and wood, or metal and stoneware? Choose the finishes that best suit your space.
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