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The Slash console features a metal stand that cuts a decisive, cross-shaped space and a stoneware or wood shelf, gently contained by a wooden frame. The elegance of balance lies in the details.
Slash Console | Dallagnese

Console with tray top

The top of the Slash console is designed as if it were a tray, with a wooden perimeter frame inclined at a 30° angle to make the union between the top and frame more harmonious and light, as well as practical because it is containing. The top can be made of stoneware or wood, veneer or lacquer.
Slash console with tray top | Dallagnese

Slash is a console with a minimal modern design, with a top that simulates the shape of a tray and a metal base.

Contrasting combinations

In this entryway console proposal, Slash's bold linearity and dark tones are paired by contrast with the gentle lines and bright transparencies of the Selene mirror, here equipped with the optional LED light.
Slash console with mirror Selene | Dallagnese
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