Juno is the oval mirror designed by Signorotto&Partners for Dall'Agnese. It has a very elongated shape, rounded at the ends and characterized by a refined round insert, to be chosen in different stoneware or wood finishes.

Mirror for the living room, bedroom, entry hall

Oval wall mirror, to be used horizontally or vertically, cut to a polished edge, thus with a shiny and safe edge. It is perfect for living room, bedroom or entry hall furniture, especially combined with the elements of the Supernova family, for example, the sideboard or console, because its shape resembles their tops.

The Juno mirror's round insert is its hallmark: a textural touch that urges the touch in contrast to the smooth uniformity of the oval mirror.

Materials of the inserts

Juno complements the most diverse furnishings thanks to the inserts, which can be placed on the left or right, and their variety of available finishes: different types of wood, matt lacquers, concrete or metal effect lacquers, and glossy and matt stoneware simulating stone and marble.
See what finishes are available for the Juno mirror and start imagining what its version will look like to decorate your space.
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