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Koniko works by addition in the idea of its designer, Matteo Zorzenoni. It has an almost monolithic volume with a conical shape and a large table top in stoneware, wood or lacquered glass.
Koniko table | Dallagnese

Central base

Koniko is a table with a central wooden base, available in a variety of finishes, from wood veneers that bring out the original material to lacquered ones in a wide range of matt, cement or metallic finishes.
Koniko table, Supernova armchairs and Kyoto bookcase | Dallagnese
Koniko table and Le Mans chairs | Dallagnese

The Koniko table stands proud to the eye in its statuesque simplicity, founded on the base with a conical structure.

Various measures for the plan

The slim fixed top of the Koniko table is available in different sizes, both in length and width, so that it is easy to fit into very different contexts. The top can be made like the base in veneer or lacquered wood, with the same or a contrasting finish, or in stoneware or lacquered glass.
Konico stoneware table top and Supernova chairs | Dallagnese
Le Mans chairs and Koniko table | Dallagnese

Koniko and Le Mans

Koniko combined with the Le Mans chair, designed again by designer Matteo Zorzenoni, creates a particularly elegant and balanced ensemble.
Le Mans chairs and Koniko table | Dallagnese
How majestic do you want to make your Koniko table? Much will depend on the finishes you choose. Find out about them now.
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