The Supernova chair with its curved back is almost an armchair in its refinement, comfort and ability to accommodate those who sit. It belongs to a family, designed by Signorotto&Partners, cast in the refined and orderly atmosphere of the 1930s.
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The elegance of metal legs

In the Supernova chair, the rational lines of the metal rod legs, with rounded heads, rise up to the minimal and elegant sides. There they accommodate and support the backrest and leave the scene for the soft seat.
Supernova chair | Dallagnese
Supernova desk and chair | Dallagnese

The Supernova family is formal and contemporary elegance, the standard-bearer of simple and pure design.

Quality details

In the Supernova chair, the two parts that make up the seat are upholstered separately and then assembled to ensure a snug fit. You can choose it in fabric, leather or eco-leather, even with different back and front materials and finishes.
With different front and back for the Supernova chair, you can play with fabric/fabric, fabric/eco-leather, fabric/woven eco-leather, or eco-leather/woven eco-leather.
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