The Play seating system is the most contemporary way of conceiving the "sofa system." It consists of upholstered seating elements with backs in stable support thanks to a configuration of special weights. Cushions and armrests complete the design.

Play, dynamic sofa system

As its name suggests, Play is an invitation to play with your needs and find the right solution for every occasion in this modular system, which is always reconfigurable You can choose seat modules of various sizes (250 cm, 215 cm, 170 cm and 115 cm), all 120 cm wide, to be completed with backrest, back support cushion, armrest and decorative cushions.

Soft in form and comfortable in seating, Play is a dynamic fabric, leather or faux leather sofa system that can be composed and recomposed as desired.

Play sofa structure

The structural parts are solid, according to the Dallagnese tradition, because they are constructed of solid fir and plywood, before moving on to the upholstery and covering. Special treatment is given to the armrests so that they maintain the necessary stability in the desired position.
To continue playing with the Play sofa, focus on materials and finishes, and choose from fabric versions, which have fully removable covers, and leather or faux leather versions.
  • Upholstery

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