Poldo is a comfortable and enveloping sofa with important shapes that are perfectly proportioned. It lends itself to being upholstered in both fabric and leather or faux leather, the latter versions made even grittier by the special stitching of the armrest.

Sectional sofa: module range

The extensive modularity of the Poldo sofa makes it versatile and complete: it is available in three lengths and various corner solutions. More specifically, you can compose it with the two-seater, two-and-a-half-seater or three-seater sofa frame, with side modules having the same subdivision, plus the corner element, island or sundial. To complement it, there is also the matching square ottoman.

Poldo's comfort is enhanced by 100% goose down quilting added to the padding of the seats, backs and armrests.

Style details

The important shapes of the comfortable Poldo sofa are perfectly proportioned, made gritty and unique by the special seam of the armrest, which lends personality to the whole The slender polished steel foot, light and rigorous, is also practical because it lifts the sofa off the floor and makes cleaning easier and faster.
The Poldo sofa lends itself to being upholstered in either leather or faux leather or fabric: which will be your choice? Check out the available finishes now.
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