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Supernova is a three- or four-shelf center room bookcase, original and easy to live with its soft lines and structure from the protagonist metal rods.
Supernova Bookcase | Dallagnese

Center room bookcase

The Supernova freestanding bookcase is designed to fit into the center of a room and be admired from all sides. It is available with three or four shelves, in elegant stoneware or in all wood finishes from Dallagnese's extensive range.
Supernova bookcases and Poldo sofa | Dallagnese
Supernova Bookcase | Dallagnese

Soft lines for the shelves and structure with painted rod outer supports and a prominent rounded head. It is the Supernova style.

Metal rod bookcase

The metal rod frame and soft shapes of this room-center bookcase have been declined by Signorotto+Partners studio into a whole and large family, which includes the Supernova sideboard you notice leaning against the wall in this image.
Supernova Bookcases | Dallagnese
What will your Supernova dividing bookcase look like? Metal and wood, or metal and stoneware? Choose the finishes that best suit your space.
  • Shelves
  • Structure

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