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Wardrobe with hinged door

Glass Up

The Glass Up hinged door wardrobe in transparent glass is designed for those who prefer light visual solutions that allow a glimpse of the interior. It is there that you can give free rein to maximum customisation: how will you equip with drawers, shelves, rasters, shoe racks and other accessories?
Glass Up wardrobe with glass hinged door | Dallagnese

Glass Up, the glass wardrobe

The Glass Up hinged glass door has a handle built into the door frame. The closure is amortised, practical and secure. In the pictures, we propose the wardrobe in grey fabric effect glass with light grey matt lacquered sides and a black metal frame.
Glass Up wardrobe with glass hinged door | Dallagnese
Glass hinged door Glass Up wardrobe | Dallagnese

The Glass Up door is so versatile that you can also combine it with other hinged doors to interrupt their sequence. Take your choice!

Folding door, style and versatility all in one

The folding door provides an unprecedented touch of class and functionality. Opening easily, it allows total access to the wardrobe with a single gesture, making organisation and research easier than ever, and folds elegantly, taking up less space than traditional hinged doors. This is perfect for smaller rooms, offering extra space to move around freely.
Glass Up wardrobe with folding door | Dallagnese
Brown metal frame and total transparency: transparent gray, transparent bronze glass or with fabric effect glass door. How do you want it? See also the finishes of the accessories.
  • Door frame
  • Glass
  • Inside
  • Wooden accessories

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