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Coffee table


From the extensive Supernova family small tables in different heights and sizes, with stoneware or wood tops that are oval or round, rectangular or square with rounded corners. The base is metal with an exposed hemispherical head. They are designed by Signorotto&Partners.
Supernova coffee tables | Dallagnese

Supernova coffee tables

Signorotto+Partners has designed a whole family of side tables, with different shapes and heights, to be used as a stand or as elements to enhance the center of the room, alone or to be combined with each other. There are six plus one, the one that wants to stand out.
Supernova coffee tables with Milton sofa and Supernova armchairs | Dallagnese

The Supernova family also consists of table, sideboard, bookcase, chair, desk, console.

Supernova coffee table with tray

With Supernova there is also a round coffee table version with a wooden or stoneware top, complete with a swivel tray. This is fixed above the top and fully upholstered in hard leather in the colors of Dallagnese range.
Supernova coffee table with tray and Poldo sofa | Dallagnese
Supernova coffee table and Milton sofa | Dallagnese

Coffee tables in wood or stoneware and metal

Supernova side tables have a metal base with legs that reach the height of the top and show off their spherical head. The tops can be in wood, in veneer, matt lacquer or special surfaces versions.
Supernova coffee table and Milton sofa | Dallagnese
Supernova coffee tables and Milton sofa | Dallagnese
Check out all the available stoneware and wood finishes, especially the special finishes, for the Supernova coffee table now and imagine how you'd like it and how many you'd like in your home. space.
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  • Base
  • Swivel tray

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