With proposals for beds, bedroom sets and accessories such as armchairs, chairs, poufs, benches, desks and dressing tables, Dallagnese offers a collection that decorates the night area and beyond.

Tepu bed, designed by Matteo Zorzenoni

Contemporary night area

Night Collection comprises furniture with linear shapes juxtaposed with softer ones. It is perfect for designing night areas with contemporary furniture, characterised by an up-to-date refinement, able to last over time thanks to the almost handcrafted details, refined materials and careful combinations, which have always been Dallagnese’s stylistic hallmark. In addition to beds, night stands, chests of drawers and tall units, it embraces the most diverse complements, from armchairs to writing desks, passing through refined dressing tables, chairs, poufs, benches and mirrors.

Night Collection provides furniture and ideas not only for the bedroom. It expands to the wardrobe, the study, the entry hall and even the living room.

It is a very articulate and characterful project, created by a team of designers with strong artistic personalities, coordinated by Art Director Matteo Zorzenoni, who recently told us about the inspirations behind the Night Collection in an interview.

High-quality materials in the bedroom

When designing the Night Collection, we intervened to enhance the materials further, with many refined choices and opportunities for expression of craftsmanship and details, which represent a notable legacy from Dallagnese’s early days.

We introduced additional finishes and selected them so that they could be used transversely in the different rooms of the house, making both coordinated solutions and cross-references possible.

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Two examples above all of products that introduce fine materials into the night area: Tamago and Tepu beds.

The Tamago bed has a headboard reminiscent of a cosy shell that can also be upholstered in a selection of leather, eco-leather and hard leather proposals, the latter with the advantage of finishing the inside and outside in different colours. The frame is made of wood with the feet continuing from the side rails of the bed frame to curve gently towards the floor in an elegant path of continuity.

Restyling of the Settanta family

Once upon a time there was the Settanta bed, accompanied by its bedroom sets, designed to celebrate Dallagnese’s 70th anniversary. When designing the Night Collection, we decided to update it and expand the family with minimal, but incisive interventions.

The proportions of the feet were revised, making the furniture even more harmonious, and the headboard with two upholstered cushions was made higher and bolder. Now the Settanta furniture is even more refined to look at from every angle. Attention to every detail, they are even perfect in the middle of the room thanks to the eco-leather shell that embraces the back.

There are also the Settanta desk and dressing table with wooden frame and top or stoneware top, large drawer and optional eco-leather shell.

Supernova even more complete

The already rather large Supernova family once again engaged its designers, the Signorotto+Partners studio, during the development of the Night Collection.

The Living Collection furniture, i.e. sideboard, table, chair, bookcase, writing desk, console, has been joined by the Supernova bed, the bedroom sets, the dressing table version of the writing desk, the armchair, the pouf and the bench, both in several variants. All the elements are characterised by the now iconic metal tube base with rounded heads that recalls the style of the 1930s and becomes contemporary in its accompanying shapes.

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