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Sweet and essential features for the wooden frame of the Tamago double bed, combined with the enveloping embrace of the softly shell-shaped headboard, an invitation to snuggle up. The only quirks: the stitching in the centre of the headboard and the possibility, in the leather version, to cover it with different colour tones between the outside and inside.
Tamago double bed | Dallagnese

Double bed with wooden frame

You can decide to stain the wooden structure of Tamago in different wood finishes. The bed frame is made of solid ash, as are the footboard and the feet, which curve gently towards the floor, while drawing a line of continuity with the side spars.
Tamago double bed headboard | Dallagnese
Tamago headboard bed | Dallagnese

The shell-shaped headboard of the Tamago bed by Dallagnese can be chosen in eco-leather, leather or hide. In the latter case, you can have the inner and outer side made in different colours with stitching and border to match the inner side.

Leather, leather or eco-leather: what's your choice? Discover the finishes available to you for upholstering the Tamago bed.
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