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Elegant design desk with essential metal rod frame, comfortable wooden top with real hard leather drawers and file dividers, and, upon request, refined shell, also made of hard leather.
Supernova home office | Dallagnese

Center room writing desk

The Supernova desk is finished to the smallest detail so it is ideal as a room center desk, for example in the living area. This, of course, does not detract from the fact that it can be placed against a wall in the study, topped by wall units or a bookcase for working in comfort.
Supernova desk with metal rods | Dallagnese

Studio Signorotto&Partners designed an entire Supernova family, also consisting of chair, bookcase, table, sideboard, console, and coffee table.

Modern writing desk in wood, hard leather and metal

The Supernova desk is made beautiful by contrasting materials, matched in harmony: the cold metal of the base is softened by the shape of the rod and by the wooden top and splashback with rounded corners. Added to this warmth are the real hard leather drawers, in different color finishes. The same material, upon request, can also be used to make a refined shell that embraces the desk. It is workmanship such as this that bears daily witness to the sartorial soul of the Dallagnese tradition.
Supernova wood, leather and metal desk | Dallagnese
Supernova desk as toilet corner | Dallagnese

Dressing table

Sometimes a single accessory is enough to change everything. In this case, the addition of a mirror transforms the Supernova desk into a refined and contemporary vanity unit with that distinctive 1930s allure.
Supernova desk as toilet corner | Dallagnese
What will your Supernova desk look like? Choose your finishes and remember the must-have option of a leather shell. Refined.
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  • Shell
  • Drawers
  • Base

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