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1930s revival, cloaked in contemporary style for the double bed with or without integrated night stands. The tubular metal frame with rounded heads makes the style of the Supernova furnishing collection recognisable, completed by a headboard consisting of two maxi pillows and a wooden bed frame, which can also be upholstered in fabric, eco-leather or leather.
Supernova double bed | Dallagnese

Double bed for small spaces

You can also fit Supernova into small rooms because it is available in a bed version without night stands, as well as one with integrated night stands. The latter are metal shelves covered in leather, fixed to the structure by means of a mechanism that allows them to rotate. On the other hand, when spaces are larger it is possible to combine Supernova night stands or those from other collections, as in the composition presented here, which combines Lama night stands, and perhaps add additional elements such as the Supernova bench and Selene mirror.
Supernova double bed and Lama nightstand | Dallagnese
Supernova double bed headboard | Dallagnese

Supernova bed: cylindrical painted metal feet with rounded heads, wooden bed frame, headboard with cushions with removable covers in fabric, eco-leather or leather.

Bed with hard leather details

Supernova acquires even more character as a double bed with leather details. The fabric, leather or eco-leather cushions that form the headboard are matched by the leather upholstery of the swivel shelves mounted on the sides of the headboard itself and the upper finish of the wooden bed frame. These are refined elements that display that artisanal flavour so dear to Dallagnese.
Supernova Bed | Dallagnese
Supernova double bed headboard | Dallagnese
Discover all the finishes available for the different elements that make up the Supernova bed and choose those that best express your style.
  • Headboard
  • Bed frame
  • Shelves
  • Feet

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Bedroom with Supernova double bed, tall chest and coffee table | Dallagnese