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Bamboo is not just a rack bookcase. It is a true furniture program. It also becomes home office space and a piece of furniture that can be customized with shelves, storage and open compartments.
Bamboo Bookcase | Dallagnese

Modular bookcase

Bamboo, designed by Dallagnese's in-house R&D team, is a modular bookcase with aluminum shelves that appear uninterrupted, thanks to a special continuous effect. Alternatively, there are also wood or stoneware modular shelves with the same extension of the bookcase module. The structure can be completely varnished in black, anodized brass finish or show contrasting details and, upon request, equipped with LED lighting.
Bamboo modular bookcase | Dallagnese

The special feature of Bamboo is that it can be transformed into a piece of furniture with shelves, storage and open compartments, suitable for living room, study, entrance, wardrobe.

Floor-to-ceiling rack bookcase

The floor-to-ceiling version of Bamboo can be used either as a wall-mounted or as a double-sided room-center bookcase up to 3 meters high. The height of the structure and shelves, their length and position can be configured as desired.
Bamboo rack bookcase | Dallagnese
Bamboo floor-ceiling bookcase | Dallagnese
Bamboo wall bookcase | Dallagnese

Wall-mounted rack bookcase

Bamboo also has a wall-mounted version with custom height. In addition to metal shelves that are as long as desired or made of wood or stoneware, with the same width as the bookcase module, it can be accessorized with a special top to use as a writing desk, with push-pull-opening suspended bases, and with suspended cubes that can be equipped with shelves or dividers. Bases and cube-shaped elements come from the Slim-Up day systems collection.
Bamboo wall bookcase | Dallagnese
How would you like to customise your Bamboo metal frame bookcase? Look and choose the finishes that best match the environment you want to furnish.
  • Structure
  • Shelves
  • Writing desk
  • Suspended bases
  • Open units

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