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A rectangular table with a glass top and rounded corners that recreates the refined and orderly atmosphere of the 1930s, designed by Signorotto&Partners. It is part of a whole family, whose name it bears: Supernova.
Supernova table | Dallagnese

Metal tube base

The Supernova table is supported by a rigorous base of round tubes, which culminates in rounded heads. These are clearly visible thanks to the transparent top made of glass, which is also available in transparent bronze, gray or lacquered finishes.
Supernova table and chairs | Dallagnese
Supernova table and chairs | Dallagnese

The Supernova family also consists of sideboard, chair, bookcase, console, writing desk and coffee table.

Glass top

The glass top of the Supernova table has a convex rectangular shape that recalls that of tubes and at the same time softens the whole.
Supernova table with glass top and Supernova armchairs | Dallagnese
Supernova table and chairs | Dallagnese

Supernova Chairs

Supernova chairs are designed with cozy seats and backs with ideal proportions and height to accompany the Supernova table. They replicate the same taste in the refined metal rod legs with rounded heads.
Supernova table and chairs | Dallagnese
See what finishes are available for the Supernova table and start imagining what its version will look like to furnish your space.
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