Le Mans

The comfortable and enveloping Le Mans chair is the brainchild of Matteo Zorzenoni, inspired by the shells of racing car seats. It has a fixed metal base with four legs or central and swivel.

Chair with fixed metal frame

From the automotive industry, in addition to the wrap-around shape of the seat, the Le Mans chair version with metal legs also takes up TIG welding. It is used to achieve a top-quality, well-cleaned exposed joint, added with brass so that it becomes even stronger.

Double base, for Le Mans: metal base with inclined legs or central swivel base, strictly black.

Chair with central swivel base

The Le Mans version chair with a central swivel metal base, on the other hand, is perfect for the home office. It is available in black finish.

Fabric, leather or eco-leather chair

The wide, comfortable and enveloping seat of Le Mans can be upholstered in various fabric, leather or faux leather finishes. For its inside, we use a single cut of the chosen material, which is then hand-quilted, in a completely handcrafted way, to make it adhere well to the seat. The back of the backrest can also be in a different material or finish than the front and, in the case of faux leather, woven.
See what finishes are available for the Le Mans chair and start imagining what its version will look like to furnish your space.
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