Kyoto falls among the original and prominent metal bookcases that attract attention. It consists of a vertical metal structure that embraces horizontal wooden shelves.

Freestanding double-sided bookcase

Kyoto is often used freestanding from the center of the room, as it is a freestanding double-sided bookcase, perfect for admiring from any angle. However, it is at ease and enhances the room even when placed on the wall.

Kyoto was born to make itself beautiful in the center of the room, amid contrasts of material and movement of the shelves and vertical metal elements.

Bookcase with three or four shelves

The Kyoto bookcase is available with three or four shelves, in different widths. The structure is always metal, with a right and left version of the vertical elements, and has shelves in wood, lacquer or textured.

Original bookcase made of wood and metal

The original structure of the Kyoto bookcase, as important as it is, maintains a formal cleanliness despite the contrasts. There is a contrast of movement, due to the vertical elements, which are partly functional and partly aesthetic, and there is a textured one, created by the vertical metal part, in different finishes, compared to the shelves in veneer or lacquer.
How would you like to customize your Kyoto bookcase with its original metal frame? Look and choose the finishes that best match the space you are furnishing.
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Kyoto, bookcase and coffee table

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