Coffee table


Kyoto is a low and wide square coffee table for living room designed by Signorotto&Partners, matching the Kyoto bookcase. They share the same style: metal frame and wooden shelves.

Wooden tops

Low coffee table with two wide shelves such that the lower one becomes a capable living room storage solution. Wood tops are available in all finishes of textures, essences, gloss and matte lacquers and specials, i.e., metal or cement effect.

A generously sized square center coffee table with two stacked tops and functional and aesthetic metal elements.

Metal structure

The Kyoto coffee table has a metal frame in different finishes. The metal elements have an aesthetic value and are functional in supporting the two tops. The one overlapping the top, moreover, is perfect for resting hot drinks.
Choose the finishes of the Kyoto coffee table for it to match your decor perfectly.
  • Shelves
  • Structure

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Kyoto, coffee table and bookcase

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