Coffee table


Cosmo makes every detail soft. It is a square or rectangular coffee table that yields to rounded corners, has legs made of elegant rods with spherical heads in view, and the top embraced by a raised metal edge.

Coffee table with metal frame and base

The Cosmo side table has a perimeter frame that frames the metal top and base in the same finish. This raised edge becomes a decoration when lowered to coincide with the leg heads. Cosmo is available rectangular and low or square, taller.

Side table with square or rectangular top framed by a border matching the finish of the frame on which it rests.

Stoneware or wooden top

Cosmo's top is available in wood, in all finishes, veneers, lacquers and specials, or stoneware.
Choose the finishes of the support base, those of the top and perimeter frame, and imagine your Cosmo coffee table already integrated into your home decor!
  • Top
  • Base
  • Perimetral frame

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