Coffee table


The metal frame of the Track side table runs along the two overlapping wooden or stoneware tops. It thus defines a distinctive shape that looks like a "circuit" in the norm, instead displacing the supports from their canonical positions. A detail, originality.

Square coffee table

Track is a square coffee table with two overlapping tops, available in all Dallagnese wood finishes or stoneware The metal frame follows the entire profile of the tops, while the supports are concentrated in two unique opposing parts. Given its small size, it is perfect for providing a foothold in any corner.

Track is a square coffee table with two overlapping tops and supports in particular positions that make it simple, original, and light.

What will your Track coffee table look like? Choose stoneware, wood, and metal finishes in all the options in the Dallagnese portfolio that best suit your space.
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  • Structure

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