Marlene is a modern solid wood sideboard that cultivates a love of wooden essences, the solidity of solid wood, artistic milling, and a decoration so precious that the frame disappears.

The canneté wood door

The Marlene sideboard and storage unit feature canneté front doors, which are made from solid wood panels machined to very thin rods in relief, available in all Dallagnese woods. They are mounted on a minimal and elegant metal frame that almost disappears. It's a lightweight frame that you can choose in different metal finishes.

Even with canneté workmanship we express our devotion to that artisanal culture from which Dallagnese was born in 1948.

Marlene, sideboard or storage unit

The sideboard version is available with two, three or four doors and different widths. The storage cabinet has four doors. For both versions, the shelves are always in glass, or wood upon request, the interiors in avana textured finish, but also available in matt lacquer, and the base can be Lama model, Tube or metal feet. Optional choices complete the fittings: bars, bottle rasters, drawers and LED lights.
What combinations of materials and finishes do you want for the Marlene sideboard or storage unit? Check out the availability here.
  • Doors
  • Door frame
  • Top
  • External structure
  • Inner structure
  • Base
  • Inner shelves

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