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Glass Up

Sideboard with transparent, transparent gray or transparent bronze glass door, metal frame and wooden frame. The door of Glass Up is based on a hinge that allows a wide 270-degree opening.
Glass Up sideboard | Dallagnese

The technological door

Glass Up's technological glass door features a concealed hinge that allows it to open 270°. It features an aluminum frame, in brown or black finish, characterized by profiles that protrude on the sides to become a convenient and elegant vertical handle. The hinged opening features the functional soft close with magnet, a slow motion system that accompanies the closure gently, without allowing knocks or bumps.
Glass Up sideboard | Dallagnese

Inspired by the glass and wood sideboard of yesteryear, Glass Up is technological glass door sideboard or storage cabinet.

Sideboard with two, three or four doors

Depending on your needs you can choose Glass Up sideboard with two, three or four glass doors with a plain transparent finish, or still transparent but with gray or bronze coloring. The shelves are made of glass or, upon request, of wood and can be accessorized with a bottle holder element, drawers and LED lights, as well as with the inner lining of the back in regenerated hard leather.
Glass Up four glass door sideboard | Dallagnese
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Glass Up storage unit with glass doors | Dallagnese

Storage unit with glass doors

Glass Up as storage always has two glass doors and three shelves. These are made of glass, but you can also request them in wood. You can also accessorize the cabinet as you wish with drawers, bar fittings, bottle rasters, LED lights, and, for a very sophisticated solution, you could internally upholster the back in regenerated hard leather in different finishes.
Glass Up storage unit with glass doors | Dallagnese
Glass Up storage unit interiors | Dallagnese
Discover now the materials and finishes of the Glass Up sideboard or storage unit best suited to fit into the decor you want to create in your home.
  • Doors
  • Door frame
  • External structure
  • Inner structure
  • Base
  • Inner shelves

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