It is a sculptural sideboard, Cement, the modern sideboard with the particular faceted door thanks to fine work and infinite care in the conception, study and realization of excavations, cuts and inclinations.

Pantographed door

The prominence of Concrete lies in its pantographed and faceted doors, in the secret of their origami due to careful conception and followed by careful workmanship to give life to a play of dynamic movements, different for each door.

Cement is sculptural sideboard or storage unit thanks to the original door that creates substantial volumes and captures attention.

Sideboard with two, three or four doors

You can choose the Concrete sideboard in different sizes, depending on your needs. It is available with two, three or four hinged doors with push-pull opening so with a slight pressure it unveils the inner shelf which, through some dividers, configures generously sized compartments, also optimal for inserting bottles. The base can have the Lama frame, the Tube frame or feet.

Four-door storage unit

Concrete in storage version is closed by four hinged doors with push-pull opening. It features internal wooden shelves that create large compartments, also suitable for holding bottles. Available finishes are all matt, gloss, metallic or concrete-effect lacquers. In the image, the Concrete storage unit is presented in the argilla cement effect finish, hand troweled to achieve a visual effect similar to concrete.
Check the material finishes available for the Cement sideboard and storage unit and choose the ones best suited to furnish your home.
  • Doors
  • External structure
  • Inner structure
  • Base
  • Inner shelves

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