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Slim is a modern, linear sideboard, officially. In reality it is a whole modular system that ends up giving rise to various types of storage furniture in finishes, heights, widths and accessories.
Slim sideboard | Dallagnese

Slim modules

Slim is sideboard or storage unit, which can be configured with a variety of modules: hinged or flap doors, drawers and baskets, and shelves in wood or clear glass. The standard opening is push-pull, but for wood you can choose to embellish your Slim with a metal groove handle.
Slim sideboard with drawers | Dallagnese
Slim sideboard drawers | Dallagnese

Slim interprets the simplicity of formal cleanliness in a thousand variations. It is a modular system for furnishing every room.

Slim tops

The Slim sideboard or storage unit is made of wood, in all Dallagnese finishes, from veneers to glossy and matt lacquers, to special metal or cement effect finishes. You can choose a matching top or prefer a stoneware or metal top.
Juno mirror and Slim sideboard | Dallagnese
Sift through all the materials and their finishes available for the Slim sideboard or storage unit. You will also find the right solution for your needs.
  • External structure
  • Top
  • Doors
  • Door frame
  • Inner structure
  • Base
  • Inner shelves

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