Wrap is a modern linear sideboard. Is linearity monotony? Not at all! Wrap speaks to those who are understated and measured. The stoneware top, wrapped by the shell and fronts, forms a tray open to an outer door, also in stoneware.

Sideboard with stoneware door and top

The special feature of this two-, three-, or four-door sideboard is that it always dresses in stoneware, with the same finish, the top and one of the doors, the outer left or right as desired. The latter recedes slightly from the others, which are made of wood. It thus creates an interplay of depth and, at the same time, discontinuity at top height, which almost looks like a tray, with the shell and the other fronts slightly exceeding it The Wrap storage cabinet also offers the same material combination and movement on the top.

A simple interplay of contrasting materials and, sometimes, colors makes a very simple cupboard with character and sophistication.

Wrap: the details

The Wrap sideboard and storage unit, stoneware aside, are made of wood, i.e., veneer, matt, glossy or specials lacquers with metal or concrete effects. Standard interiors can be equipped with shelves and dividers in avana textured finish, and you can also have them in the matt lacquer color range upon request. For the base you can choose from Lama, Tube or feet, all in metal finishes.

Wrap storage unit

The tall and capacious Wrap storage cabinet is constructed with the same special features as the door and stoneware top of the sideboard. In the pictures we propose a subdivision with two doors and two drawers underneath. The interior compartments are large, also suitable for holding bottles. They are opened with a grip from above.
Choose your preferred finish of stoneware, which you can arrange left or right as you like, and decide which wood finish to match.
  • Top
  • Door
  • External structure
  • Inner structure
  • Base
  • Inner shelves

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