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Slim Up

With the versatile Slim Up program, a home office station tailored to every need! You can design compositions dedicated to the study environment, either in a room of its own, or as a home office solution integrated into the living area.

Suspended home office station

In the picture, Slim Up home office composition formed by the special desk top with an veneer backrest, leather-effect drawers with hard leather handles, open wall units with metal grids and suspended storage bases with practical drop-down opening.

Versatility and practicality are the stylistic hallmarks of every home office workstation built with the Slim Up program.

Suspended home office storage units

Capacious storage units in the Slim Up program can be used to make smart working more convenient and keep everything within easy reach. The drop-down door, via a brown metal groove handle, allows you to remain seated while accessing the compartment. If you prefer, however, hinged doors and hanging baskets are also available.

Bookcase with desk top in niche

Sometimes space for a home office station in the home seems small. With the Slim Up program you make use of every inch, including height. In the picture, drawers, which serve as shelves, are combined with the system of backs that can be equipped on the entire wall. They are accompanied by metal shelves, wall units with hinged or open doors with shelves or grids, all contrasting with the hemp matt lacquered back panels. Embellishing the desk is the Calacatta gold stoneware top.
Imagine your home office solution with Slim Up and check out the materials and finishes available for the various elements now.
  • Structure and front panels
  • Top
  • Boiserie and accessorized back panels
  • Glass door frame
  • Glasses

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