The walk-in closet integrated in the bedroom represents a smart and functional design choice. There are various options to optimise the available space thanks to the wide range of customisations available and the extreme functionality of each proposal.

Project walk-in closet

Walk-in closet with rack and backrests

One of the most traditional and functional solutions for a walk-in closet is the installation of a rack and back structure, which offers a versatile solution to organise clothes, shoes and accessories. The racks can be adjusted according to space and storage needs, while the back panels add stability and structure to the walk-in closet, allowing you to hang clothes neatly and without creases.

A perfect solution for those who like to keep everything tidy and handy. With additional shelves and drawers, you can maximise storage space and create a neat and tidy environment.

Walk-in closet without backs

The backless walk-in closet is the ideal choice to create a minimalist and modern design. This type of closet offers a clean, airy look, characterised by simple lines and no visual clutter. The absence of traditional back panels allows the clothes to appear suspended in space, creating an eye-catching visual effect.

So many available options. Like Easy, which stands out for its rack system without backs, perfect for those who appreciate a young, dynamic style. With this solution, you can change the appearance of the walk-in closet in a snap, adapting it to changing tastes and needs. The Bamboo walk-in closet, on the other hand, is characterised by its aluminium frames with a sober and versatile design. The highly adaptable structure allows total customisation freedom: it is designed to be flexibly equipped, making it possible to create endless compositions to suit any taste and lifestyle.

These options are characterised by their simplicity and elegance, ideal for those who prefer a contemporary style.

Unparalleled lightness and brightness: glass walk-in closet

For a touch of luxury and sophistication, a glass-encased walk-in closet is a striking option. Like Glass All, which offers an open, transparent view of clothes and accessories, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and prestige. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, natural light can flow freely through the space, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. This design is ideal for those who want to take full use of natural light in their sleeping area, making the room brighter and more welcoming.

A glass walk-in closet can be custom-designed to perfectly fit the available space and personal preferences, transforming the space into central compositions or fitting perfectly into the room walls.

Selected materials for a wide range of styles

Infinite customisation possibilities, making it possible to satisfy any individual taste and requirement. This versatility is particularly visible in the selection of materials, from textured finishes to lacquered to glass. Each material can be combined in various ways to create unique and functional designs that reflect personal style and enhance the available space.

Discover the full range of materials.