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It is a configurable system that allows you to build the modular desk of your choice. You can customise yours with desk top modules, splashbacks, backs and vertical support panels, all in wood or lacquer, metal shelves and drawers, baskets and open units.

Suspended desk

The Modula writing desk can be configured as a suspended desk, composed of a simple desk top with splashback, or made more articulated, for example resting on two Kompos drawer modules, even of different sizes. In the pictures, the more essential version is accompanied by a Le Mans chair.

Do you like to customise and interpret? The Modula configurable system is perfect for you. You can use it to create your own desk or vanity unit because it is the details that make the difference!

Wall desk

The Modula configurable system can become a classic wall-mounted desk, customised according to the most diverse tastes. In the pictures, for example, you can see a linear desk, which plays with combinations of two finishes, combined with the Le Mans armchair, and two versions with a top on a vertical panel and Kompos night storage units, accompanied by a Supernova pouf and a Le Mans armchair.

Modular desk

With the Modula configurable system you can design the modular desk that best suits your space and functional requirements, even with very structured choices. In the pictures, for example, we propose an initial solution with a desk top resting on a Modula vertical module, aligned on the other side with a floor-standing element and two Kompos open units. A Supernova pouf completes the solution The other composition consists of a suspended writing surface with Modula upstand, aligned on the sides with two Kompos weekday units and accompanied by a round Besu pouf.
Choose the finishes for your home office solution with the configurable Modula system. Matching storage elements are both Slim and Kompos.
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