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Night storage units


Modular night storage units for suspended use, or with metal feet of two heights or concealed in the base, and drawers, baskets or open units of various sizes. They are characterised by cleanliness, simplicity and a touch of dynamism thanks to the 45° joining of the body panels.
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Kompos night stands, dressers and tall units

The workmanship of the outer frame, which embraces drawers and baskets with push-pull opening, is the hallmark of Kompos night storage units. It bears the mark of simplicity and elegance, combined in a refined way, in a family of night stands, chests of drawers and tall units with infinite modularity.
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Kompos nightstand with metal foot | Dallagnese
Kompos floor-standing nightstand | Dallagnese

Three types of feet for the night storage units: concealed in the base or slender in metal, available in two different heights.

For the finishes of the Kompos night storage units, there are all the lacquers and the various wood veneers, as well as the possibility of the canneté front. What is your choice?
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