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The shape of the Sentempa compact upholstered bed seems to be designed by the original stitching that runs along the headboard tracing two triangular shapes at the sides. It is this that gives body and character to the simplicity of the volumes, also emphasised by the perimeter edging of the headboard.
Sentempa upholstered double bed | Dallagnese

Bed with removable cover in fabric or eco-leather

You can choose the upholstered Sentempa double bed in fabric or eco-leather. In both cases it will have removable covers to allow for convenient maintenance and cleaning. This bed can also be supported by a storage base or feet.
Sentempa upholstered double bed with Supernova nightstand | Dallagnese
Sentempa double bed upholstered headboard | Dallagnese

The upholstered headboard is enriched by two matching seams and a perimeter canneté border, which can be chosen in the same shade or in a contrasting colour.

Scroll through the colour charts of the fabrics and eco-leather selected for the Sentempa bed cover and make the best choice to furnish your space.
  • Upholstery
  • Gros-grain Edging

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