Simplicity and comfort. Joelle is an upholstered chair with a back with remarkable lumbar support. The linear base is expertly softened around the perimeter.
Joelle chairs | Dallagnese

Structure and coatings

Joelle is a chair with a solid wood frame and upholstery in fabric, leather or faux leather. You can also decide to make the back of the back with a different material or finish than the front Joelle's simplicity also makes it easy to match with other chairs. For example, if you like to mix chairs around the table, we suggest matching it with the Gulp chair.
Joelle chair | Dallagnese
Joelle chair | Dallagnese

It is easy to furnish with the Joelle chair because its elegant simplicity is as welcoming and comfortable as its seat.

Different fronts and backs for the Joelle chair allow you to play with fabric/fabric, fabric/ecoleather, woven fabric/ecoleather, or woven faux leather/ecoleather.
  • Seat
  • Structure

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