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The Settanta night storage units have a design with rounded lines and a refined flavour thanks to their refined workmanship and finishes. Stoneware, wood, leather and eco-leather, simple or in woven versions, stimulate the touch. The workmanship tells of the craftsmanship know-how that has nurtured Dallagnese from the very beginning.
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Settanta night stands, chests of drawers and tall units

The wooden structure, with integrated feet, of the Settanta night storage units is enveloped by a eco-leather shell that perfectly finishes it at the back. You can therefore also use this furniture in the centre of the room. The flat top can be made of stoneware or wood; in the tray version, only wood. The handles are made to measure in hard leather, in the different finishes found in the relevant Dallagnese colour chart.
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Settanta nightstand | Dallagnese
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The Settanta night storage units, with their rounded lines and eventual shell, are part of a whole family inspired by the Settanta bed.

Discover all the finishes available for the Settanta night storage units, from the woods of the structure to the eco-leather, also woven, of the shell, from the hard leather handles to the stoneware or wood tops.
  • Structure
  • Top
  • Shell
  • Handles

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