Night storage units


The Supernova night storage units combine their unmistakable painted rod base with drawers in linear shapes, with elegant and simple 45° joints. The storage elements are embraced by the metal frame, which rises sideways along the sides.

Supernova night stands, dressers and tall units

The shapes of the storage elements are linear with 45° joints while the distinctive Supernova style base is softer with the rounded lines of the metal rod, available in various finishes. For drawers, open units and tops you can choose from all the lacquers and various wood veneers in the Dallagnese finish range.

In the base, an intersection of metal tubes with rounded heads lightning-fast outlines the Supernova style.

Extensive modularity with Supernova

The Supernova night storage units belong to a large family, designed by Signorotto+Partners, who, again, have found a way to offer rich modularity. Declined on night stands, dressers and tall units, it plays with ever new combinations of drawers, even of different sizes, open units and tops.
Choose now for your Supernova night storage units the metal finishes of the base and linear panels of the storage elements.
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