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A very comfortable upholstered headboard for Inemuri, which expresses a taste for continuous embrace. The originality of the combination of such different volumes for the bed gives a strong imprint of character to the room, a soft invitation to rest, covered in fabric or eco-leather.
Inemuri upholstered double bed | Dallagnese

Important headboard

Inemuri is an upholstered bed with a headboard that is important in terms of size and shape, designed by Andrea Steidl, co-founder of / àr o / design studio. This designer's penchant for absolute, pure forms can be read immediately in the bed's volumes: an artfully riveted seam outlines the profile of the headboard while the bed frame, padded and upholstered, develops in a more linear fashion, in an original combination. The cover, in fabric or eco-leather, is completely removable.
Inemuri double bed | Dallagnese
Inemuri bed headboard | Dallagnese

A bed designed as a tribute to 'inemuri', a true Japanese art, that of taking a few minutes' nap. It suspends all activity to recover energy, wherever you are.

Discover the finishes available to you to cover the Inemuri bed in fabric or eco-leather, all with removable and washable covers for easy, clean maintenance.
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